Today is Holy Cross Day. This is different from¬†Good Friday, the day we remember our Lord’s crucifixion and death. On Holy Cross Day we are called on to remember the cross as the instrument of salvation. September 14 was chosen because it was on this day in 335 that the Church of the Holy Sepulcher was consecrated in Jerusalem (actually, the consecration was on September 13 and what was thought to be the True Cross was brought outside the church for veneration on September 14).

The cross today has become more of a fashion trend than an object for veneration and piety. The crosses we wear around our necks (I used to wear one around my own neck) have lost their revolutionary and counter-cultural power. Remember, the cross was a means of execution at the hands of the government. Who among us would wear an electric chair, a lethal injection syringe, or a noose around our own necks?

As you see crosses throughout your day, think about what took place on that cross. Suffering and death for sure, but also the salvation of your souls. Do not treat it lightly, but with reverence, solemnity, and discipline.

The Rev. Jimmy Abbott