This is an incredibly exciting time to be part of Holy Comforter Episcopal Church. We believe that God is doing something special here. In the past four years, our church has doubled in size. We have reached out to the community in new and innovative ways. New partnerships within the local community have blossomed. Now it is time for us to build and expand on our campus so that we can continue to serve in the name of Jesus.

Our capital campaign, “Growing in God’s Grace,” is our response to the abundant blessing that God has given us. Please watch the video above or check out this informational booklet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Holy Comforter building a new church?

We believe that God is creating something new at Holy Comforter. We have already outgrown our current facilities, and we desperately need new and updated spaces to continue housing our growing ministries. Holy Comforter is very active in the community, and without a beautiful, visible, and accessible home base, our ability to reach our neighbors will be lessened.

Furthermore, Holy Comforter has no handicap accessible facilities on our campus. One of our goals is to ensure that our entire campus is welcoming to all people, just as Jesus welcomes all people.

It looks like the Master Plan is broken down into phases. What are those phases?

Phase 1 of our Master Plan calls for the construction of a new worship building, as well as construction of the parking lot and infrastructure that will sustain our church for years to come.

Phase 1a calls for the renovation of our current Main Building. This renovation will create additional classrooms, nursery space, and offices to accommodate our growing ministry.

Phase 2 calls for the renovation of our current Education Building, and Phase 3 will be the construction of a new, multi-purpose building. Phase 3 calls for the construction of a new multi-purpose building.

What’s the schedule for Phase 1?

Groundbreaking for Phase 1 is scheduled to begin the first quarter of 2017 and is scheduled to take at least 12 months. This is the most important phase, and subsequent phases will be planned once Phase 1 is completed.

Can we still come to church during construction?

Yes! Our primary goal is to ensure that the campus remains safe and open during construction.

How are we paying for this?

The cost of Phase 1 is $3.3 million. This is split three ways. First, parishioners of Holy Comforter will make their own financial gifts to the campaign. You can make a pledge right now. You can also visit our donation page if you wish to make a gift over the internet. Our goal is to raise $1 million. Second, the Diocese of Texas has made a gift of $1.88 million to Holy Comforter for this project. Third, we will prudently borrow money for the remainder of the cost of the building project.

I am already making a pledge to the annual operating budget of the church. What is this capital campaign pledge all about?

Our gifts to the capital campaign go above and beyond our regular giving to Holy Comforter. Typically, capital campaign pledges are made over three years. Please watch the video above or check out this informational booklet for more information.