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Flower Dedications

Flowers beautify the sacred spaces of our church and are a gift to God and those who attend our worship services. The cost of Altar flowers is funded through generous donations to the Holy Comforter Flower Fund. A contribution to the Flower Fund is a meaningful way to honor or remember a loved one. It is also tax deductible. Dedications made during the Lenten and Advent seasons are for greenery rather than flowers.

If you would like to make a flower dedication for a particular Sunday, please note the date and how you would like to dedicate the flowers in the worship bulletin.


The cost of a flower dedication is $75. You may make your gift via PayPal, Realm, or personal check. Select or designate your gift for Altar Flowers. Please also email the details of your flower dedication, including your name, the date of your dedication, and whom or what you are remembering or giving thanks for to

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