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 The Rector Search 

Search Committee Update

The Search Committee is actively seeking a new rector for our parish.  The Diocese of Texas has established a search process and the Diocese asks each parish to use this process when searching for a new rector.  Please click the button below to see the steps in this search process and where Holy Comforter is in our search for a new rector.

Parish Profile

In our search for the next Rector of Holy Comforter, we compiled a "Parish Profile" with the help of a parish-wide survey and many conversations with our clergy, vestry, and parish. This profile offers a glimpse into Holy Comforter, our hopes, our challenges, where we started and how we would like to grow.  It is our hope that it gives you a picture of who we are as a church and community. ​

Members of the Holy Comforter Search Committee

Ed Ziegler, Co-Chair  |

Linda Barry, Co-Chair  |

Tony Colby  |

Doug Foulsham  |

Rick Harris  |

Kessler McClanahan  |

Teresa San Miguel  |

Gwen Wright  |


Recommend Names for Rector Search

Our church is conducting a search for a new rector. You are invited to recommend the name of any ordained Episcopal priest who you feel would be a good match for our congregation. Please click on the button below and fill out the nomination form  Then please fill out the form below and after completion, please forward to either Linda Barry at or Ed Ziegler at  It is important to understand that the search committee may call you for more information about your recommendation if necessary.  Any name you submit will be passed on to the Diocese of Texas for further consideration.

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