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To assist you with year-end contributions, someone will be in the church office on December 26th - 29th (Tuesday - Friday) from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Cash or Checks
The Internal Revenue Service requires that cash or check contributions to Holy Comforter Episcopal Church be received by the Church, or postmarked by the United States Postal Service, no later than Saturday, December 30, to be tax deductible in 2017; this would include any prepayments toward your 2018 pledge. We are required to check the postal cancellation dates on all receipts in early January to ensure our legal compliance with the IRS rule.

Credit Card Charges
Credit Card charges must post to the HCEC merchant account by December 31.

Gifts of Stock or Other Securities
Gifts of stock or other securities must also be physically received by the Church by noon on December 29, or posted to our brokerage account by close of business on Friday, December 29, to be tax deductible in 2017. To help eliminate timing issues, we strongly suggest that stock transfers be initiated by mid-December and that you advise us of the pending transaction. Holy Comforter is required to comply with these IRS guidelines in order to maintain our charitable tax status as delineated under the IRS Code Section (501)(C)(3).

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