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Sharing Christ's message of hope, peace and grace with all

All people – saints, sinners, and skeptics – are invited to meet the living God at    Holy Comforter Episcopal Church.

We believe that God shows no partiality and that anybody seeking a closer relationship with God can find a home at Holy Comforter. As Episcopalians, we celebrate our diversity because we know that what brings us together is stronger than what tears us apart. We are not defined by our race, sexuality, or ideology but by our desire to know God.

We believe that the Church is called to be an example to the world of a place where the hungry are fed, where children feel at home, and where all people – regardless of history or background – are invited to meet the living God. We feel called to give our time and resources, more often than we think we should; worship more than we don’t; and pray always.


Who We Are

Holy Comforter believes that the church is called to make the world a better place in the name of a loving God. Our parish has partnerships with a number of local and global organizations that provide services for the poor, oppressed, and lonely.

Here are some of the ways our parishioners we serve the local and global community:

  • Provide mentors, ESL tutors, and classroom assistants for the students, faculty, and staff at Salyers Elementary School in Spring ISD

  • Partnered with 5 assisted living communities for worship and friendship

  • Provide volunteers and financial assistance to the 1960 Hope Center for the Homeless

  • Host quarterly blood drives to help those in medical need

  • Prepare care packages for sailors coming through the Port of Houston

  • Our youth group takes three annual mission trips to serve the poor and needy within Houston and around the state of Texas

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